MS Office Templates

Corporate Design for MS Office

The simple way to create templates yourself!
We have a series of measures in our range that will make it easy to use the templates. An Example:

An extensive slide pool for all employees to access is a real time saver. Why reinvent the world if the slides that I need already exist? We create a customized slide pool for you based on our experience. If you have already bought slides from a specialized provider we are more than happy to align them with your Corporate Design. Purchased slides more often than not seem like alien elements in corporate presentations due to a different design style. But not with us! We design your slides and all office templates directly and exclusively with your Corporate Design.
The so called „Styleguide“ explains all designs of the templates created with PowerPoint, Word or Excel: resolution, font, colour, and spacing. Furthermore, we demonstrate design examples for diagrams, text boxes and charts by using examples.
Going beyond the styleguide, the guidelines explain the usage with the master in more detail, present all slide layouts and give some tips about the creation of slides. These include for example the use of colors and fonts, the range of appropriate layouts, and design guidelines for diagrams and charts.
The Do’s and Don’ts constitute an excellent method for self-learning. Employees can get a good idea for the design easily and understand what really matters for the slide creation by using before/ and after examples.
Pictograms are part of the slide pool, too. Pictograms are usually bought by the client on the internet and used without any further editing. We offer extensively and thematically organized pictogram-sets that are adapted to your Corporate Design.
Corporate Language and Corporate Wording is important terminology in the business world. We build terminology-handbooks that explain the terminology of the company; reaching from the use or avoidance of specific words to the tonality and style of texts.
We also offer individual tools, e-learning programs and video tutorials for “self-learning” that can be accessed via the intranet or own online channel by all employees.
Another part of our services is the live support via online conferences. Distances don’t matter anymore and we can support you wherever you are using Teamviewer.

All services on this side cost relatively little and you end up saving even more. This is a typical win-win situation where everybody benefits.
Furthermore, we offer tailor-made trainings.

Add on´s for MS Office

Imagine finding the right template straight away…

Finding and managing presentations, PowerPoint slides, documents and templates can be a big problem, especially in large companies.
We will be happy to advise you and take care of finding the right tool to manage your documents as well as its implementation for you.
These libraries are central libraries via which you can share and re-use corporate slides, presentations and documents.
The costs for such Add-ins are marginal compared to the resulting increase in efficiency.