For your perfect performance!

More impact is a creative agency for effective presentations.
We support managers from small and large companies and help them to achieve their goals.
We do this with presentations that attract attention, go under your skin and stay in your memory. Not only with PowerPoint but also with Keynote, Prezi, as short explanatory video clips or without any tool: by simply using the power of personality.
Not only do managers benefit from our work but the whole company. We support our clients by systematically improving the quality of corporate presentations and implement their appearance in Microsoft Office. The keywords: PowerPoint templates, Excel and Word in the Corporate Design, slide pool, slide management, user trainings and, of course, individual support for presentations when it really matters.
A part of the foundation is based on the many years of experience of our founder Alexander Hanauer as a communication consultant and creative director in advertising agencies as well as presentation expert and coach for 100s of managers and entrepreneurial personalities.