Target-oriented from the start

Beautiful Powerpoint charts do not make a good presentation. For us, design is a means to an end.
We base our work on well thought-out conceptions.
This is the only way to achieve the desired effects, reach the audience and achieve one’s goals.
Our way of working is tailored to your needs. Example of a typical project workflow:

If you already know exactly what you want, you put us into the picture. Any way it suits you: personally, by telephone or by email.
We ask the right questions and clearlydefine the job.

If you do not know exactly where you are headed just yet, we jointly develop the briefing or come together for a workshop. This method is particularly suitable for creating a corporate presentation.

As soon as the task is clear, we define delivery deadlines and budgets. We always deliver on time and assure the highest level of quality.

Once we have understood what you want to say and which effect you want to achieve, we develop the storyboard and finetune it together with you. Once we have the red thread , content conception and visual design will follow.

Finally, following the creation using the appropriate tool, mostly PowerPoint, but we also use Keynote, Prezi or simply a flip chart. Experience has shown that there is usually one to two correction loops until everything is perfect. These are included in our offer.

Your slides alone will not convince your audience. You'll have to do that yourself. But our slides will give you the feeling of being well prepared – as well as a clear structure.
This will strengthen your self-confidence and thus improve your personal impact.
Additionally, if you want to work on your personal appearance, we offer individual presentation coachings for executives.